Robot Unicorn Attack – Game Review

Robot Unicorn Attack - Game Review

By J Pope

Robot Unicorn Attack is one of those games where you think, Wow! What a cool game name, this game must be really good with robots and unicorns that attack. How much more could you be wrong to think this. Saying that though, this game is cool, in fact it’s very cool. It’s a hidden gem when it comes to the addicting playability, you’ll find it hard to stop playing!


In Robot Unicorn Attack, you are in control of a beautiful rainbow unicorn who is on a quest to run across the lands by dashing, jumping and soaring your way through the magical platform levels of purple mystique. The longer your able to keep your unicorn out of harms way and on the straight path, the more points you can earn.

The game has a simple method to it, but it’s hard to master with the randomly generated obstacles that either need to be jumped over, or smashed through by ‘dashing’. Catch the flying faeries along the way as you gallop past on your valiant vibrant stead, or see how long you can soar through the air without touching your unicorn’s feet back on the ground or hitting a wall in mid flight.


There are only 2 controls in this game which you may think is easy, but believe us, once you’ve started playing you will be grateful that there is only 2 to worry about pressing! Guide your rainbow unicorn through the levels by either jumping over, dashing through or gliding over the various random obstacles while watching out for the correct path to take without having any head on collisions or falling off the edge.

– Press ‘Z’ to Jump
– Press ‘X’ to Dash

How To Play?

Robot Unicorn Attack is a very easy game to get started, the Unicorn will gallop on it’s own and to it’s own speed, and what you have to do is guide it to jump over gaps in the platform floors, jump over walls and obstacles (normally giant stars), Dash through obstacles, and collect the Unicorn’s faerie friends a long the way. All this together will really put you in a competitive mood to try and get the highest score possible, and then you will want to try again to beat your past score.

You have 3 chances per game, If you crash into a wall or obstacle or fall off the ledge then you will loose a chance. Although, the longer you manage to stay alive for, the faster and harder the game gets. So collect as many faeries throughout your journey to add some extra brownie points!


The graphics in this game are what make it so addictive and inspiring, with it’s lovingly inspired artwork of background themes and the animated multi-colored rainbow stripes on your unicorn. The motion of the Unicorn with its running style, jumps and dash movement animations are as precise and as fluid as you could possibly want. Immerse yourself into the game, and get addicted by the Unicorn’s fantasy world.

All In All

Overall, Robot Unicorn Attack is a game unlike any other. So simple yet so addictive with it’s enticing graphics, flying faeries and dashing unicorns. Chase your dreams and shoot for the moon in this popular online flash game.

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